Our Speaker's Bureau

We are prepared to talk with groups anywhere in New England interested in hearing our message of hope. Supporters who wish to speak publicly or write on this issue are welcome to ask for our assistance.

Cliff and Margaret Thornton

Cliff and Margaret Thornton, Founders of Efficacy

Mary Barr

Mary Barr's insights, ARTICLES and workshops on substance abuse and related health and justice system policies have been featured on national television, radio, on Capitol Hill and in universities and conferences internationally. Ms. Barr is a consultant in City, State and Federal prisons and in the development of the first transitional program in the history of the Former Soviet Union. You may contact her by phone at 201-295-8500 or e-mail mary@conextions.org.

Peter Christ - A retired police captain.

Mike Gray - Author of "Drug Crazy"

Gene Tinelli, M.D., Ph.D. - An addiction psychiatrist.

Mark Braunstein, a noted speaker on holistic health, is author of two health related books and many articles in magazines such as Natural Health, Health Science, and Vegetarian Times.

Mark was paralyzed below the waist in a diving accident in 1990. He has used medicinal marijuana, for which he has a prescription from Holland, to relieve the pain from his injury. Mark has testified to the Connecticut Legislative Public Health Committee about his personal use, and he remains at large.

Clifford Wallace Thornton, Jr. the 2004 NORML conference

We will gladly talk with your group about one of these or related issues:

Prohibition Causes Crime
(drugs and crime, exploration of cause and effect).

The Drug War and the Economy
(real costs, hidden costs, duplication of efforts, and misuses of tax dollars in the drug war.)

The Drug War and Urban America
(exploration of the ways our drug policy has devastated our cities and the lives of minorities.)

History of Drug Control
(what has worked and what has not.)

Why We Founded Efficacy
(the story of how Efficacy developed and took on a life of its own.)

(breaking myths about cannabis using scientific information ignored by the government.)

Drugs and Crime in Connecticut
(Who bears the brunt of the burden?)

Illicit Drugs and Public Health
(reducing harm.)

The Drug War and the Constitution
(Is it worth sacrificing the bill of rights to fight this war on drugs?)

Conflict Resolution as Applied to Drug use and Addiction
(Living in Peace.)

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