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Moving sales of psychoactive substances from the streets to the internet is the first step in the struggle to eliminate dangers that are the result of criminalization of drug users. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go before this quest can be considered complete, as few online stores selling psychoactive substancesare are operating on a stable basis and even fewer have bona fide reputation for product integrity and respect for the customers.

Many people are drawn to this method of purchase because its legal and much safer than dealing with shady characters that run the underground market. It is an often overlooked fact that practically all illegal drugs have functional analogues that are not subject to legal restrictions, but this fact is essential for online depositories. Serious websites don’t offer banned chemicals and try to keep track of valid regulations in the country where they are registered, and they do their best to remain above the ground and establish serious reputation, as much as a large customer base. A few websites have been around for several years and already enjoy confidence of online customers are following their lead.

Looking at the big picture, this is a marked improvement from the situation from a decade or two ago. Slowly but surely, the awareness about the futility of zero tolerance approach is spreading. New voices calling for an end to prohibition can be heard from all sides, while successful examples of drug education are forcing even the staunchest supporters to reexamine their positions. The internet is playing a huge role in this process, both as the channel for disseminating accurate information about certain substances and as the channel for purchasing them. This trend is likely to continue, since the advantages of a more liberal position are becoming too obvious to ignore.

All transactions on major websites are encrypted, which helps to keep the intruders at bay and protect the identity of the customer. The deliveries are made directly to specified address and international shipping is relatively affordable and fast. Of course, local rules and regulations regarding possession and handling of certain chemicals still apply, so buyers must pay attention when ordering chemicals with disputed status. Considering the number of available research alternatives, the chances are high that every interested customer will be able to find legal designer drugs that suit his interests to the letter.

It goes without saying that conducting a background check of the provider before ordering is a great idea. Experiences of other customers and digital trail of continued business operations should be easy enough to find, helping to discern legitimate providers from disreputable operators. As the society opens up for new ideas and new technologies continue to move the boundaries of possible, it is reasonable for online orders to become even more secure than they are today. The progress may be slow, but it can’t be permanently halted by any means.

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