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Peter Christ

Peter Christ is a retired police captain. After working for two decades as a policeman, he arrived at the conclusion that "the drug war, as it is being currently waged, can never be won." Following his retirement from the police force in 1989, Mr. Christ began speaking out against the current policy by engaging others in discussion on the topic, writing letters to the editor, and calling newspapers, radio and television stations to challenge one-sided coverage of the drug war. In 1993, he joined ReconsiDer: Forum on Drug Policy, and became the organization's leading spokesperson.

He has represented ReconsiDer in public forums, debates, on over 100 radio and television shows, and at national and international drug policy conferences. Mr. Christ's public speaking topics include: the drug war's impact on the judiciary, police activities in the drug war, the drug war's impact on prison populations and minority communities, sentencing issues, and the effectiveness of drug education programs in reducing drug use.

In addition to working for drug policy reform, Mr. Christ maintains connections with the law enforcement community. He holds lifetime memberships in the Police Conference of New York, the Western New York Association of Retired Police Officers, and the Police Captains and Lieutenants Association of Erie County.